Certus Wealth Management Improves Client Experience

Bay Area, CA: Certus Wealth Management is introducing an enhanced service experience to its clients, complete with modern liquidity solutions, top-notch technology resources, and improved visibility into accounts. 

Certus Wealth Management has become a fully independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), securing its ability to structure its practice to best meet the needs of its clients. 

“Our clients have changing needs and we are always listening,” says Joel Van Hofwegen, financial advisor and owner of Certus Wealth Management. “They want a better service experience with improved technology resources, and that’s what we’re proud to offer.”

Certus Wealth Management is committed to the belief that informed, empowered people make better financial choices. It is dedicated to providing expert advice, backed by deep industry knowledge and powered by the industry’s best resources. 

“I’m excited and confident about our firm’s strategic moves,” says Van Hofwegen. “Our number one goal is to provide the precise, authentic, actionable advice that clients need. We are fueled by our commitment to helping them best allocate their resources and leverage the value of their investments, ultimately positioning them to achieve their unique financial goals.”

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About Certus Wealth Management: Certus Wealth Management is dedicated to helping its clients effectively allocate their resources to reach their financial goals. As a fiduciary, Certus Wealth Management is laser-focused on its clients’ best interests. Certus Wealth Management is proud to offer a unique mix of industry knowledge, experience, and insight that enable clients to make informed decisions and achieve the financial futures they desire.